The Good Life

12 10, 2016

Fall Foods That Are Ideal For Athletes

The bounty of seasonal fruits and vegetables that come with the arrival of fall is a good reason to rethink your diet as an athlete. You might be fed up of having the same lunch day after day for all this time. And if you are, you're likely missing out [...]

2 10, 2016

How Do You Want To Feel?

What if we simplified "healthy" eating... a ton? Most people would vote for simplification without a second thought. So, let's do that. Before reading any further, stop and consider how you want to FEEL. When you eat your breakfast in the morning, how do you want to feel? When you [...]

18 09, 2016

You Are A Champion

Now that the football season is officially underway...bring on the snacks, apps, beer, booze, and hours of sitting still. Wait a second! If we want to wake up Monday morning feeling like the champions we are, we have to treat ourselves well over the weekend. With a bit of intention [...]

4 09, 2016

Best Whole Foods For Recovery After Workout

An intense workout can be liberating, but it is essential to eat the right foods to recover. If the muscles aren't fed, they will start to ache, and additional workouts could lead to significant injury. This is where whole foods come into the equation. It is important to tweak one's [...]

21 08, 2016

It’s That Time Of Year – Healthy Food Options For Children In School

As hard as it may be to believe, school is starting back up all around the country. And as schedules begin to find their rhythm and new routines are set, this is the perfect time to add in a few healthy habits so they stick with all the other new things [...]

7 08, 2016

Energy Management

“99% IS A BITCH, 100% IS A BREEZE”! Jack Canfield Over the last 10 - 20 years as the pace of life picks up, tons of time management tools, tips, and techniques have been produced and marketed. Which is great because it's important to keep an organized calendar so you [...]

24 07, 2016

Snoring – It’s A BIG Deal!

If you or your partner snore at night, you may think it's just an irritation to your relationship when in fact, it greatly increases the risk of stroke and other negative symptoms. In an interview I did with Dr. Dave Hopper, ex MMA fighter and current Chiropractor, personal trainer, and Sleep [...]

10 07, 2016

Veggies For Breakfast

Eating veggies is a super important part of being healthy and vibrant - but you likely know that already. So, do you eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? How about veggies for snacks? A lot of people who I talk with have a hard time eating enough veggies each day...but [...]

26 06, 2016


For the last several years, the news has been spreading... eggs are no longer considered to be a bad part of a healthy diet. Although people with an intolerance to eggs should continue to avoid them, the general public is no longer being encouraged to limit them. This article explains a [...]

12 06, 2016

The #1 Thing Wellness Experts Do To Create Better Wellness In 5 Minutes

I asked dozens of wellness experts how they would create better wellness if they only have 5 minutes, the large majority answered with this response! Is it a part or your daily or weekly routine?